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Lipo Sculpting

With Smartlipo, new work station it’s easy to contour the body. It’s the #1 laser-assisted requested cosmetic procedure. Any part of the body from abdomen, thighs, winged arms, and legs can become the ideal circumference. For breast reduction and large abdomens it is ideal because the laser assistance will recoil the skin enough where later abdominoplasty or large breast scars may not be needed. There are usually 4 small 3mm openings through which the canula in inserted and this allows for the fat to be removed.

Some patient use the fat removed from an area to fill other parts of the body, such as breast augmentation or facial enhancement. Brazilian butt lift is a wonderful procedure for those who wish to lift and add to the gluteus mass.

Tumescent anesthesia during the procedure allows the patient to be awake during the Smartlipo procedure from Cynosure. This type of anesthesia makes it safer, minimally invasive procedure to treat areas of undesired fat. With additional fat transfer techniques use the fat from your body to enhance other areas that may be deficient in their look.


Tissue coagulation decreases bleeding and increased tightening of the skin as compared to liposuction alone. Faster healing and less trauma for the body for fast return to your normal activities of daily living.

For high definition treatments we use the Triplex laser system. This makes the face and neck ideal for treatment. Fibrous tissues such as breast and lipomas much easier to treat. And yes, I can treat the cellulite from the areas I’m working on.

In male gynecomastia this new tissue tightening, the new Smartlipo Triplex will address fibrous tissue so much better and efficiently.”

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