Gluteal Augmentation

For our patients desiring to do a gluteal augmentation we do transfers of fat to the gluteus which gives a much more natural look. This is again done under tumescent anesthesia, which is a type of local anesthesia with ultrasound cannula and then wash the fat and transfer into the gluteus to give a much more natural look.    Our doctors use nanofat injections that use the patient’s very own mesenchymal stem cells to bring circulation to the fat cells. This will help the quality of your procedure, as well as preserve the results for a longer duration.There is minimal discomfort throughout the whole process. With our J plasma laser we also cann tighten the skin and tissue underneath which will give a lift to the buttock as well. If you are looking to only hypertrophy the muscles of the gluteus to give more defined and athletic look then we have our body sculpting laser to achieve those looks.