Face Procedures

Liquid Facelift

A non surgical option for skin rejuvenation to produce elastin, collagen and filling of shadows and depressions over the face and neck. Read more

Chin Crease

The are of the chin is afflicted by a condition called Peau d’Orange or orange peel skin. Read more

Under Lip Crease/Mental Crease

This is the horizontal line or folding that happens under the lower lip and above the chin. Read more

Chin Augmentation

At times nature betrays us giving us a recessed small chin, unproportional to our facial contour. Read more

Eye Lift

A drooping or hooded eye lid can be improved without surgery. Read more

Under Eye Circles

By applying a thin watery filler such as Belotero or Juvederm in the lachrymal trough and around the eye, darkening of the paper thin skin happens, sometimes amazing everyone. Read more


By raising the corner of the lips a gentle lift brightens the smile. Read more


The lines of the forehead are invariably treated with combinations of Botox and fillers. Read more

Cheek Hollow Contouring

The area below the cheek bones and out of the flat plane of the face, known as the sub-malar area, fillers can be used to correct a hollow that occurs with age or disease. Read more

Upper Cheek Contouring

As an alternative to implantation of cheeks, filler enhancement is not only ore desirable due to the opportunity to regain a natural cheek line and avoiding surgical problems such as scaring, general anesthesia, bruising and copious bleeding and hematomas over the face for weeks. Read more

Jowl Contouring

After correcting the jowl, it’s incredible how many patients will comment how they are told they are more rested, more vibrant. Read more


The JUVÉDERM® family of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers provides a smooth, long-lasting correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Read more

Plasma cell and stromal transfers

Plasma has undifferentiated stem cells that travel in the blood stream. These stem cells can change into elastin producing cells called fibroblasts when applied into the skin. Read more


LATISSE® is not a replacement for mascara, but rather a treatment for inadequate lashes, and requires a prescription from a doctor. Read more

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