LevaLipoplastia uses high-frequency sound waves to liquefy fat beneath the skin’s surface before removing it with gentle suction. LevaLipoplastia is done with our helioplasma J-Plasma surgical laser from Renuvion.

Some people have stubborn areas of fat cells that will not shrink no matter how much they diet or exercise. The common areas for these fat pockets include the chin, neck, hips, backs of arms, abdomen, above the knees, thighs, buttocks, calves, and ankles.

Every person’s outcome will vary based on factors such as how much fat is removed and the area that’s treated. Before you decide whether to get this procedure, you should talk with your doctor about your goals, the results you can expect, and how to maintain your new body shape.

At the consultation, the doctor will do a thorough evaluation to see if you are a good candidate.

In general, a good candidate is a person of average or only slightly above average weight, in good health, and with a specific area of fat that has not responded well to diet and exercise.

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