Neck Lines

There are two types of neck lines, horizontal called Necklace lines and vertical or platysma bands. Both bands need treatment of the platysma muscle. The necklace lines may need further treatment by using the light fillers that will not clump under the fine skin of the neck. Our doctors uses Belotero or Juvederm for this purpose. The etching of necklace lines may need repeat layering. Patients may chose to do a tightening of the neck after treatment of the necklace line to refirm the skin of the entire neck.

For the area of the under chin which is saggy or “turkey goblet” is due to hypertrophied neck muscles. Combining Botox and Xeomin produces a significant uplift, similar to that of plastic surgery. In more mature necks the combination of a laser for refirm is indicated. A variety of lasers are available for tightening of the neck.