Plasma Cell and Stromal Transfers

There are two procedures used in aesthetics to incite our own collagen formation.  Plasma has undifferentiated stem cells that travel in the blood stream. These stem cells can change into elastin producing cells called fibroblasts when applied into the skin. Stem cells do no provide filling of depresions or deep lines, but can help the quality of the skin and to reduce small superficial lines. Microneedling is used to produce microscopic openings on the surface area to be treated and the plasma is used to bathe that area.

Blood plasma can be mixed with hyaluronic acid over areas of wrinkles and depressions to improve deep lines and rejuvenate the face. It is used mainly on the face.

The newest procedure and the more potent use of stem cell is an infusion derived from harvested fat cells during a liposuction procedure.  The content of stem cells is much larger than that of the blood stream. The fat cells are not injected but the fluid (salt water with lidocaine mix) produced after washing the fat cells (called Stromal transfer) is full of stem cells, is then used to treat areas of the face, neck, arms, legs, abdomen, and back by using  cannula. Similar to plasma Stroma will produce a net of fibroblasts under the skin to support elasticity of the skin but in a much greater quantity.