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  • Injection of patient’s own recycled blood to rejuvenate the face, arms, legs, abdomen, neck, almost any body part.
  • Officially called Platelet Rich Plasma Procedure (PRPP), it’s the constituent of blood rich in growth factors and stem cell precursor that stimulate your own growth of collagen.
  • The red blood cells are removed and numerous cells are left behind for injection into the patient that wakes up youth.
  • The procedure can be combined with laser lights to further enhance the amazing results.
  • It can also be combined with fillers to produce volume.
  • Transformation to a new level. Rebuild, tighten and fill with volume adding brightness and reducing pores. Better than a facelift.




  • Correct by sculpting the face to remove shadows and lines that divulge our age in a 30 minute procedure with minimal down time.
  • Treatment is guided more than just chasing wrinkles to creating proportion and lifting the whole face.
  • Treatment for the unpleasant lines that happen due to fat loss and failure to produce collagen.
  • The procedure can stimulate your collagen production as well as hydrate from within.
  • Instant results lift your eyes, cheeks, contours lips, marionette lines, and forehead.
  • The doctor has an exquisite eye for proportion. Various types of fillers are used, sometimes layering in 2 sessions to acquire the best outcome. The face of the future without surgery.



  • New scars are treated by application of PRPP (plasma cells) and laser treatment. Sunken scars can be raised by the use of fillers and release of the skin by loosening of the deeper skin.
  • Tiny blood vessels will start to grow in the area which is dead scar tissue to regain an improved surface. If the scar is hypertrophic (meaning that it’s growing outwards making it bumpy) the area can be reduced.




  • We try to control hyperpigmentation associated with acne and produce exfoliation to remove dead cells that clog and dilate pores.
  • We evaluate the bacterial count on the skin as not all acne is due to them; there are hormonal factors and environmental pollutants that can increase acne flare ups.
  • Combine light treatment, laser, chemical peels, and medical grade creams to treat the problem of black heads and white heads and painful pustules.
  • Microdermabrasion can be added in monthly treatments to exfoliate dead cells and thus avoid clogging of pores with dead cells.
  • Goal is to reduce pore size, production of oil and regenerate where scars have formed with various procedures.


  • Evaluation of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin and glucose, vitamin d levels, counseling and diet review.
  • Maximum weight loss 40lbs. HCG replacement. Most insurance accept cost of blood work. Maintenance programs. Review with our doctor an anti-aging protocol of foods and vitamins. Has a consultation fee of $350.




  • Lips are one of the most important parts of the face.
  • When we speak people obviously look at the muscle producing verbal language. It’s not just volume that makes them tempting but the contouring of these.
  • A “trout pout” is overdone treatment. We personalize lips to the face that comes in.
  • In other words, each face must have its own vocabulary of beauty and no two people should be done the same.
  • A symmetrical balance that reduces the compromise of aging is our goal.
  • Shape is more important than size.



  • Treatment with light laser, chemical peels and creams such as vitamin C based serum with ferulic acid, hydroquinone, melaplex and kijoic acid or licorice extract are dispensed depending on your skin type.
  • Our lasers are geared for ethnic skin to avoid damaging delicate skin.
  • For more severe spots frictional laser is an option. Stubborn, deep pigment requires combination treatments for resolution.




  • No more unsightly veins, tendons and bony hands.
  • Spots on skin are removed with laser for pigment or chemical peels.


  • A type of acne that produces redness, acne, increased heat on the face.
  • Treatment consists of laser or chemical peels and pharmaceutical grade products to decrease flushing, blood vessel growth, to close pores and prevent acne break outs.
  • Our lasers kill microscopic mites (known as Demodex) that are found on the skin of patients.



  • Laser treatment with Syneron/ Candela ELOS equipment to boost collagen production, elastic tightening with the end result of a youthful appearance.
  • Combine the power of radiofrequency with IPL and skin resurfacing. Minimal to no downtime procedures.


  • As we age, lines begin to develop at the corner of the nose and extend down toward the mouth and beyond.
  • Early treatment of these in your 20’s and 30’s will deter the aging process.
  • These lines are the nasolabial and marionette lines and can be medium-to-deep.
  • Loss of facial volume and elasticity advances with age and Patient’s in their 50s have to cheek atrophy and further exaggerate the deepness of the fold.


  • Insomnia and hormonal imbalance are eye busters that produce lines and bags under the eyes.
  • Loss of elasticity makes the upper lid droop over the eyelashes creating a tired, old look.
  • But now, through the use of Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers, there is no need to use surgery in the correction of eye contours.
  • Laser can further tighten the eyelids and the skin under the eyes.
  • By filling and lifting, dark circles can be improved.
  • Combine light illuminating creams and stem cell precursors in injectable and in creams to further bolster the rejuvenation of eyes.



  • Hyaluronic acid fillers work as moisturizers directly INTO the skin and stimulate collagen production.
  • Juvederm (lasts 1 year)
  • Radiesse (last longer than 1 year and enhances collagen production greatly)
  • Silk(lasts 3 months)
  • Restylane (lasts 6 months)
  • Price is based on longevity of product.




  • Botox is a protein that depletes acetylcholine from muscle to weaken contraction.
  • Can be applied to treat gummy smiles, neck flabbiness, forehead and eyes, eyebrow lifts, marionette lines and pouting of the lips, wide ankles.



  • Our laser is good on all types of skin, including African American and Asian.
  • Must call for price list.



  • Grow and stimulate growth of hair in the scalp by using our combination of anti-inflammatory medication and plasma rich infusions.


  • Remove dead cells from skin surface, fine wrinkles, comedones and whiteheads.
  • Excellent for the treatment of mild pigment and acne on a monthly basis.
  • Combine with other treatments such as chemical peels for improved results.


  • Non-surgical way of lifting the tip of the nose and thinning the bridge.
  • Bumpy or hook noses can be helped also in a procedure that will take 15 minutes.
  • Sometimes a 2nd layer of filler is advisable 2 weeks after the first treatment.


  • Create a younger sexual image for you signification other and achieve more sexual pleasure for yourself.
  • Enhance G-Spot Sensation to increase orgasm intensity and frequency.
  • Tighter penetration
  • Vaginal Lip Enhancement for a more attractive sex appeal.

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