Stem Cells For Hair Loss

Dr. Jacquelline Leva is certified with stem cell use for hair restoration. Stem cells today are used for a variety of purposes such as wound healing, joint injections and treating inflammatory conditions. Stem cells help your skin and hair look longer and lasts for years. A simple injection of stem cells achieve these results by supplying the body with not only these potent cells but hyaluronic acid which helps skin tissue and joints, growth factors present when young but that dissipate with aging, and cytokines that complement growth factors to replenish and restore all types of tissue.

Dr. Leva’s harvests her stem cells from what is called the Wharton’s Jelly tissue in umbilical cords. This tissue has the greatest concentration of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells, the cells that provide the benefits for hair restoration and reducing overall inflammation within the body. She receives her stem cells from Predictive Biotech of Salt Lake City an industry leader in the isolation of stem cells and is used widely by recognized physicians in America using stem cell therapy.

The treatment for hair loss treatment is multifactorial depending on what type of hair loss you have. Not all hair loss is alopecia related. After conducting a thorough history of your hair thinning and/or hair loss the doctor will inspect your scalp for any other underlying causes of hair loss such as bacterial or fungal infection and will perform cultures sometimes when neccessary. She may or may not add blood work to be looked at to look for any underlying other causes of hair loss such iron levels, vitamin d levels, sometimes look at inflammatory markers make sure you do not have other underlying rheumatologic causes making the patient lose the hair.  Then she typically performs trichoscope exam to look at the individual follicles, she may do a scalp biopsy to confirm diagnosis.

If indeed the patient is suffering from alopecia which is a type of hair loss she will combine it with other treatments.  Studies show multifactorial treatment will receive the max results of hair growth and hair thickening compared to one treatment alone. Many times doctor Jackie will offer treatment with mesencyhmal stem cells from your own fat cells that is done under tumescent anesthesia which is a type of local anesthesia to be injected into your scalp.  We also combine with using PRP which comes from the plasma of your own blood that has growth factors and other cells that help grow hair up 20-40%. Combined with medical-grade peptides and prescription your will reach all modalities of treatment.

Did you know?

Your hair grows all in different cycles around the year? Your scalp grows 1.1cm about a month, full eye ash set growth 4-8 weeks.

What are some causes of eyebrow loss?

Nutritional imbalance, hormonal imbalance, Alopecia Areata, Frontal Fibrosing alopecia