Vaginal and G-Spot Enhancement

As our body ages, so does the vaginal area. The labia thins out leaving hollows and saggy skin. The lose tissue can be filled with strong fillers for enhancement of the tissue known as labia majora and labia minora. There is no mutilation of a woman during the non surgical vaginal rejuvenation. It’s a compassionate procedure with minimal risk and no pain. Sexual intercourse can be done within 24 hours.

A technique to improve sexual pleasure and increase self-esteem, vaginal rejuvenation is procedure for those who want choice. Our doctors will restructure the hollows and creepiness of the vaginal folds to make it more sexually attractive and more satisfying for both partners.

If the patient has decreased sexual feeling the G-spot can be enhanced at the time of the procedure. The G spot is about a dime size area that swells with sexual pleasure inducing a female orgasm. a bulking filler covers a 3 inch area into the vagina along the forward entrance tot he vagina, enlarging the area for greater coverage to ensure the G spot is treated. The vaginal entrance will feel tighter for the male penetrating the canal.

Hormonal and physiologic aging can give an unattractive look that makes us uncomfortable during the foreplay related to sex. The procedure needs to be renewed every 2 years. No downtime, no surgery.