Had a great experience today! I have been getting hair treatments for a long time and my hair is fuller than ever. Dr. Jackie truly loves what she does! Also, you get the consult for a good price :)
Chandra E.
I brought my 69 year old mother, desperate because she was rapidly losing her hair. In her attempt to both find out the cause and ask how to stop her her from falling out, she came to Ginny Leva to find answers. They order her a biopsy and her results showed a condition called Scarring Alopecia. Unfortunately, there was not much more that could be done in regards to her condition but the treatment/ counsel she received was 10x better than any other solution. Her daughter Jenny told my mother that she will not need further treatment . We appreciated her honesty and instead of just dismissing my mother; she took the time to speak healing to her heart and soul.
Teresa E.
I felt very I loved the very kind person, respect and the truth what I liked the most I did not feel any pain I did a liposuction of the abdomen and I was terrified, but the truth was excellent it was very good I recommend it to all girls come you will like it. No pain, no downtime, no injury, no scars. 100% recommended.
Catherine C.
A wonderful experience. They treat you like a queen, they take care of you, they spoil you and the procedure is not painful at all.
Cristina W.
Ginny Leva MD and Assoc is a full and complete clinic that specializes in rejuvenation, esthetics and cosmetics. However, we left this place with a refreshed outlook on what true beauty is supposed to look like.
Yeliska V.
I just had a liposucción and fell in love! Can't wait to see how I progress in the future. The girls at the front desk greet you with a smile and everyone speaks both english and spanish.
Andrea W.
The experience was wonderful. The doctors and workers were great, and treated me with pleasant kindness. Coming to the clinic, setting up the appointments, speaking and asking questions was easily done. The procedure was relaxing and I wouldn’t mind coming again. Thank you for everything.
Maritza A.
I just had my lipoplasty abdomen done about a month ago with Dr.Leva and she did an outstanding job she left me with no scars and she didn't have to cut me at all unlike my plastic surgeon in Manhattan who Left me horrible scars and a deformed appearance for my abdominalplasty which cost 22,000 dollars. Dr.Ginny did not charge such an outrageous price for my lipoplasty. I did laser for swelling instead of massage included in my lipoplasty which did not hurt at all for 8 weeks which is included in the price. 1 week after surgery I was back at work. My body looks and feels amazing I can go to the beach now and not feel embarrassed about how my body looks.
Delfina M.