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Lipoplasty & Liposculpture

Lipoplasty is the procedure of the new millennium. It combines lipo sculpting with power-assisted technology as a conservative approach to removing excess fat in combination with Renuvion laser which is a subdermal treatment to tighten the elastic matrix left behind the liposuction. Renuvion is powered by RF and Helium gas producing plasma energy. In choosing a standard tummy tuck which cuts through skin and muscles leaving huge scars that will need revision, Lipoplasty offers you less downtime (days instead of months), minimal discomfort( no need for narcotics) and is so much less invasive and risk-free.

Non Surgical Facelift

A non surgical option for skin rejuvenation to produce elastin, collagen and filling of shadows and depressions over the face and neck.


Services for Men

Men aesthetics is different than women because particular features are characteristic of beauty in a man, very different from that of a woman.

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Dr. Ginny Leva will provide the results you desire.

Graduate of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in Internal Medicine, and attending at North Shore/Long Island Jewish Hospital System. Dr. Ginny Leva did 2 years of Pathology at Montefiore Hospital/Albert Einstein School of Medicine, where she expanded her knowledge of dermatopathology for an in depth understanding of skin diseases.

She is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine where she trained with post graduate education to be an Aesthetic physician since 2003.

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Patient Testimonials

The most difficult part of my face were my eyes. I had double bags under my eyes and my lips were very wrinkled and droopy. I had the Liquid Facelift* done by Dr. Ginny Leva and it changed my life. I look like a model right out of a magazine. I don’t want to look older ever again so if you call wanting this younger me addictive, then you are right. I have to look in the mirror every day and I feel uplifted and beautiful. Sure life has problems but they get easier when you get a boost of self esteem. I’m a grandmother but look like I’m in my 30’s. Could life get any better? Plastic surgery was going to cost 3x the cost of this procedure. I will upkeep the new me but always being me because the only thing that changed were my wrinkles. It’s a wonderful natural way of aging.
Yaumiri P.

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